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How do I play?

To join in on the game, find your nearest weekly location on our shows page, arrive on the listed day and time, and grab a table! Trivia is FREE TO PLAY. All we ask is that you partake in the food and drink at our locations.

What are the rules?

It’s a game of trivia knowledge. Aside from “Get the answers correct,” there are three principles the game runs on:

  • Respect the Players: Don’t be a general jerk or disrupt the game.
  • Respect the Host: They are the law of the land.
  • Respect the Venue: Don’t cheat to steal their amazing prizes– no looking up answers on your phone.

What is the game like?

The game will be several rounds of trivia provided by a live host. Teams are made up of the people at a table. Those teams will be quizzed on a multitude of subjects. After each round, teams will turn their answers in to the Host to be scored. Final scores are announced at the end of the game, with prizes awarded to the top performing teams.

Is there a limit to team size?

Every venue has their own rules about team sizes. If it gets too big for the game to be fun, we may ask that you split up, but that is only to keep the environment competitive. An average team size is 4-8 players.

I don’t have a team. What do I do?

You can (and should!) still join the game. Teams of one are completely acceptable. You are also free to join onto a team of new friends you just met that night!

Do I need to register online in order to play?

No, but we recommend it. Only registered teams qualify for our special tournaments and events. Teams that are not registered can still play our weekly games and earn prizes provided by our venues.

How much does it cost to set up a trivia night for my bar/restaurant or private party?

Pricing depends on, but is not limited to: location, time, day, and other terms. To get a personalized quote for your venue or event, please contact us.

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