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These are the current venue Top 10 leaderboards for the current season. Season 3 started on July 1st, 2019 and ends on December 31st, 2019. Teams earn one venue point for every team they defeat during a weekly game. The first place team of the night receives a bonus venue point.

Alosta Brewing Co. (Covina)

Rank Team Venue Points
1The People's Champions109
2Nine Inch Males101
3Root Beer Me76
4Chicken Nugget Champions69
5Know Nothings68
6It's a Ben-stravaganza!61
7Suck It Trebek54
8¡Las Pulgas!53
9Charming Devils52
10Coffers Almost Empty24

Alosta Brewing Co. (D St. Square)

Rank Team Venue Points
1D Street Defectors87
2Dog Moms84
3Masters of Confusion76
5Oi! Fookin ‘Ell!41
6Make Trivia Great Again39
7Bubbles and Squeaks29
8Goon Squad25
9Know Nothings12
9Samurai Jac12
9Root Beer Me12

Hollingshead’s Deli

Rank Team Venue Points
2The People's Holy Republic of Barack Hussein Obama73
3Guitar Picks and Chopsticks68
4The Beer Necessities48
5Better Late Than Pregnant33
6Drinking for 229
7We're Totally 2124
8Knock on wood22
8The Mediocres22
8Cut twice, measure once22

Murphy's Pub (*Begins 9/25*)

Rank Team Venue Points

Streamliner Lounge

Rank Team Venue Points

Strum Brewing Co.

Rank Team Venue Points
1Root Beer Me36
2Strum 'N' The Boiz33
3We Like Beer15
4Don't Know American Idol14
5The Underdogs7
7Masters of Confusion4
8Dog Moms3
8Samurai Jac3

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