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The People’s Championships!

The People’s Trivia Company is proud to unveil the details surrounding our seasonal trivia play for registered teams (register here) and our championship games!

Our first season will begin July 1st, 2018, with championship games being played in January 2019. Our championship games will be venue-specific, meaning EVERY venue gets a championship game! If your team plays enough games at your favorite venue through the season, you qualify for your venue’s championship! If you play at multiple People’s Trivia locations (leaderboards found here), you can absolutely qualify for more than one championship game.

Because the championship games are limited to your venue, you do not have to worry about being “Best in the World” to qualify; you only have to play enough times at your favorite venue. You don’t have to worry about playing against people you’ve never seen before. We want our championship games to be a celebration of the trivia community in each location.

That being said, you should absolutely keep scratching and clawing for those top finishes throughout the year! The most successful teams during the season will earn an advantage during their championship game as a reward for the year’s successes.

More details to come!

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