Monthly Archives: October 2018

FRIENDS Trivia Night at Strum

How you doin? Hopefully you are getting into the Thanksgiving spirit, and what better thing to be thankful for than FRIENDS! To celebrate the launch of Strum Brewing Company’s Thanksgiving-FRIENDS-Themed cranberry beer, we will be dedicating the entire quiz on Wednesday, November 14th to FRIENDS trivia! Every round will revolve around Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Ross, […]

Welcome Alosta D Street Square!

We are proud to announce Tuesday Trivia Night at Alosta’s La Verne tasting room!  Those of you that keep your ear open for San Gabriel Valley brewery news know that Alosta Brewing has successfully opened a brand new tasting room right in the heart of La Verne, at the D Street Square.  The People’s Trivia […]